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Quick Ship 271-292 Inch Unlined Superior Home Theater Curtain

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Height and Fullness 
Exact Height in Inches:
Exact Width in Inches:

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Video Review of our Quick Ship Drapes

Check out this video to learn more about our quick ship home theater drape program. Our resident Professor talks about measuring, the quality of the fabrics, stackback, fullness and drape rods.

Color Examples

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  • Cherry
  • Crimson
  • Cabernet
  • Gold
  • Beige
  • Hunter
  • Liberty Blue
  • Pewter
  • Sapphire
  • Eggplant
  • Provincal
  • Black

Measuring Instructions:

Measure the rod length and specify if you would like a 1 way draw (one drape) or a 2 way draw (two drapes spit in the middle.) We will automatically add 6" of material for a one way draw and 12" of material for a two way draw so that the drape is properly fitted.

  • Remember to add on enough length to your curtain rod so that when the drapes are open, the stackback does not cover the screen. Read the section below on stackback to achieve the proper fitting.
  • If you are measuring for a floor to ceiling curtain, you will need to subtract at least 1" from the total height to keep the bottom hem from the floor.
  • For window applications, as a general rule, end brackets should be mounted at least 4" from the side of the window and at least 4" above the window to conceal the hooks and pleats from outside.
  • For wall to wall curtains, mount the end brackets 1" from the side walls to allow for drapery returns.

Figuring Stackback

Stackback is the amount of space occupied by your draperies when they're open. This must be determined before buying your traverse rods and ordering your draperies. The stackback will vary depending on screen (or window) size, fullness and fabric. The chart below is a guide for determining your rod face if you want to leave the screen exposed when the draperies are opened. The chart is for average fullness and fabric for two-way draw draperies. You will want to make adjustments accordingly. For one way draws, deduct 7" from the stackback dimensions.


Screen Width
(not diagonal)
The stackback should be Your rod width and drapery coverage should be
20" 20" 40"
26" 22" 48"
32" 24" 56"
38" 26" 64"
44" 28" 72"
50" 30" 80"
56" 32" 88"
62" 34" 96"
68" 36" 104"
75" 37" 112"
81" 39" 120"
87" 41" 128"
94" 42" 136"
100" 44" 144"
106" 46" 152"
112" 48" 160"
119" 49" 168"
125" 51" 176"
131" 53" 184"
137" 55" 192"
144" 56" 200"
150" 58" 208"
156" 60" 216"
162" 62" 224"
169" 63" 232"
175" 65" 240"
181" 67" 248"
187" 69" 256"
194" 70" 264"
200" 72" 272"