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Ceiling Mounts for Projectors

The right mount for a Ceiling Mount Projector is essential for any home theater. Our ceiling mounts for projectors are available in low profile, custom ceiling and universal styles. It's important that your projector mount is compatible with your projector; if you're not certain which ceiling projector mount is right for your projector and your home theater, give us a call at (888) 764-9273 and we'll be happy to help.

Peerless Projector Mount PRG
The precision gear projector mount by Peerless is a top of the line mount that can handle projectors up to 50lbs. It is very flexible fitting most projectors and has great wire management. We show the mount using HD video working with a JVC projector.

Wireless HDMI Projector Mount by Peerless
Peer Air wireless projector mount eliminates the need for long runs of hdmi cable to the projector. Itís a great way to upgrade existing installations or put in new installations without having to pull wire through the wall and ceiling. Check out how the wireless projector mount works here in this video.